The city of Springfield is one of the most popular areas in the state of Missouri. There are nearly 200,000 people who are currently living in Springfield. There are plenty of great things to do in the city, whether you are living there or visiting for a short while. Because it is a major city, it is easy to find things to do for all kinds of people, including activities for adults who want to hang out with one another as well as activities that are fun for the kids.

Fun Attractions in the City of Springfield

There are quite a few different attractions in the city that are worth visiting. White Water Branson is just one of those attractions. It is a water theme park where both children and adults can have a fun time outdoors getting on a variety of rides. Along with the rides at this theme park, there are also a few different pools, so guests can have a great time getting wet while out in the heat on a sunny day.

Although White Water Branson is a popular attraction, there are several other hot spots you may want to visit while in Springfield. These attractions include the Dickerson Park Zoo and the Fantastic Caverns. You can learn new things while having a great time.

Places to Eat in the City

The city is known for its many restaurants. These restaurants serve different types of cuisine, and many of them have great ratings. Some of the most popular restaurants in the area include Gilardi’s, Flame Steakhouse & Wine Bar and the Rama Thai Café. Regardless of what you are in the mood for, it should not take you too long before you find a restaurant that serves what you are craving.

Beautiful Scenery and Parks


Springfield is known for its beautiful parks and trails. In fact, there are plenty of areas in the area that are surrounded by trees, plants and bushes. Some of the best parks in the area include the Current River State Park and the Fassnight Park.

The best places to take the kids include the Edna Norris Park and the Eugene Field Park. Those particular hot spots have swings and slide sets for children to use and have fun with while they are spending time outdoors. If you are visiting any of these parks, you can have fun going for a jog, walking through a trail or even playing with the children on the swings.


Famous People Who Lived in the Area

There are several famous people who were born in Springfield or lived there for an extended period. Some of those celebrities include Brad Pitt and John Goodman.

Springfield has much to offer to its residents and those who choose to visit the area while on vacation. It is a beautiful city in Missouri with tons of parks, restaurants and fun attractions for adults and children. In addition to the wonderful things this city has to offer, the weather is fairly decent throughout the year.

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